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Watch every episode of “The Itchy & Scratchy Show”

Here’s a 48-minute collection of The Simpsons‘ in-show cartoon series that’s worth every second. 


Austin Powell


To quote the theme song from “The Itchy & Scratchy Show”:  “They fight. They fight. They fight, they fight, they fight, they fight.” For 48 minutes.

In this epic supercut, YouTuber MrBestDeni has compiled every episode of the recurring and comically violent cartoon series that has appeared in The Simpsons. Assembled in chronological order, the video captures the stylistic evolution of both the show’s 23 seasons and Bart’s favorite program, while making Tom and Jerry look like mere child’s play in comparison.

As MrBestDeni noted in the summary, “Itchy & Scratchy sure came a long way from the first Tracey Ullman Short.”

While posted in early January, the video only recently took off online, reaching the front page of Reddit’s video section, r/videos, on Sunday night.

“I can’t believe I watched the whole thing,” posted g60syncro.

“Not enough Poochie,” added rjostrand, an inside reference to one of the show’s short-lived characters.

Given that the montage quickly jumped to more than 200,000 views, some redditors were concerned that the video would be pulled due to copyright claims. In a typical response to such concerns, someone posted a duplicate copy, ensuring that the work would live on.

“Since my views have gone up, who would like me to do a compilation of Gil Gunderson and Troy McClure?” asked MrBestDeni in an update to the thread.

I would.

Photo via Simpsons Wikia

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