someone mapped the path of the creature in it follows

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Someone mapped the path of the cursed creature in ‘It Follows’

The worst road trip ever.


Audra Schroeder


David Robert Mitchell’s 2015 horror film It Follows has a fairly terrifying premise: A curse can be transmitted through sexual intercourse and the person it has been passed on to will be slowly followed by a demonic creature disguised as a person until they die. (Or pass it on to someone else.)

With Detroit as its setting, 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) and her friends try to escape the entity that starts following her after she has sex with her new boyfriend. The film features some truly unnerving camera work, like the scene in a high school where Jay is trying to find someone in an old yearbook and the camera spins 360 degrees to show the creature approaching, unbeknownst to her. We see different incarnations of the curse throughout the film, but now someone has mapped the route of the creature.

Movies, Films & Flix’s Mark Hofmeyer charted the path, from the abandoned psychiatric hospital where Jay is infected to the beach in northern Michigan where she and her friends try to escape the follower to the swimming pool where they try to lure and kill the creature. Hofmeyer estimates that it walked 1,017 miles stalking Jay and moves at a “20-minutes per mile pace and is always moving. Thus, the total for any 24-hour period is 72 miles.”

He uses some assumptions, of course: “I’m assuming that the creature always reroutes itself and follows the quickest route when its prey changes locations. Since it can’t just walk through homes I think it uses surface roads, alleys, and areas that aren’t fenced off to get to its prey.”

Worst GPS ever.

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