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Is this guy with an iPad the best drummer in metal?

For those about to rock… with a tablet.


Ramon Ramirez


Drummers are burdened with a constant lack of space. It’s a recurring lineage: child drums, gets access to a kit in the high school jazz band, has some cheap starter kit, bangs in a hometown garage, goes to college. Drumming careers usually end whenever apartments come into play. 

This Japanese man found a way, as he writes:

I’m actuary (sic) a drummer. Unfortunately I don’t have my drumset at home. cause of the sound, not enough space, can’t afford them with zildjian cymbals anyway… Then, I taught (sic) myself, wait a minute I got my iPad & GarageBand! Why not! Let’s do some iPad Rock!! 

That double-bass action would make Joey Jordison blush through his Slipknot mask.

Photo via Metal Chris/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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