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Sir Ian McKellen teaches Cookie Monster how to resist his cookie urges

It’s simply irresistible.


Greg Seals


If anyone is a master of resistance, it’s Sir Ian McKellen. As Gandalf the Great, he helped a young, wayward Frodo Baggins resist the urge to become corrupted by the power of the One Ring. The famous actor then took to the halls of Oxford University, where he delivered a rousing warning to students about resisting laziness during exam week. Now, the esteemed Englishman has come to Sesame Street to teach our good friend Cookie Monster about the true meaning of word “resist.”

At first, McKellen tried to illustrate his point about self-control using a certain “precious” ring. But since Cookie Monster is self-admittedly not a jewelry guy, the actor whipped out the one cookie to drool them all to teach our furry friend about exercising self-discipline.

Screengrab via Sesame Street/YouTube

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