Hurricane preparedness, Pinterest style

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Make sure to stock your spare pantry and check on your miniature horse!

Just because your life is in danger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look cute.

Hurricane Sandy has a sizeable chunk of the east coast hunkered down, but with Pinterest’s suggestions, people in disaster zones can survive in style and, in some cases, pure luxury.

Here are pinners’ top 10 tips for making it through Sandy:

1) Stock your spare pantry with essentials. You do have a spare, right? (original pin)

2) “Just because you’re preparing for hurricane disasters doesn’t mean you have to eat like a poor college student.” This DIY project makes disaster food for pinner tastes. (original pin)

3) Neatly organize the very supplies inspired by chaotic, unpredictable weather. (original pin)

4) Those emergency lights would look cuter in Mason jars. (original pin)

5) Or glass jam jars. Here’s a DIY. (original pin)

6) Keep your backyard free-range chickens cozy during the disaster. (original pin)

7) Don’t forget your miniature horse! (original pin)

8) Be practical! Re-wear this “perfect Hurricane Irene” outfit for Sandy. (original pin)

9) Though we’d suggest replacing the sandals with these more sensible shoes. (original pin)

10) And last but not least, don’t forget the booze. (original pin)

All photos via Pinterest


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