Hulu snags exclusive ‘Lost’ streaming rights from Netflix

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Hulu just scored a big win over Netflix by snagging the exclusive streaming rights to all six seasons of Lost from its competitor.

All 121 episodes of the sci-fi drama became available for streaming on Hulu Jan. 4 as part of a deal the platform inked with Disney/ABC Television Group, Variety reports. Netflix previously acquired rights to the show in 2009, but they have since expired.

Eight years after its finale, Lost still inspires rabid binge-watching among old fans and newcomers alike. The series, created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof, follows a group of airline passengers whose flight crash-landed on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Sydney and Los Angeles. Throughout its six-season run, the show won multiple awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe, and is widely hailed as one of the greatest TV series of all time.

Two years ago, Netflix riled Lost fans by uploading a truncated version of the series finale that clocked in at 86 minutes—18 minutes shorter than the ABC original. The streaming giant later replaced it with the full version after Lindelof noticed the difference.

Hulu is streaming the same abbreviated version in two 43-minute segments, but a representative said the company will soon make the original cut available.

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Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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