YouTuber catches hoverboard bursting into flames on video

Hooverboard catches fire on video

Screengrab via BuleBritish/YouTube

YouTuber denies that his video was staged.

YouTuber BuleBritish got a very different video than he bargained for when his new hoverboard burst into flames while he was filming his first test-ride.

Hoverboard explosions have been reported internationally, with people citing instances where the boards spontaneously bursting into flames in their homes. Damages reportedly totaled $40,000 in one case. Retailers like Overstock have removed the devices from their shops, and major airlines have also banned hooverboards from their flights. Generally the combustion issues have been traced to faulty battery packs used to charge the devices.

BlueBritish is one of the few who’ve caught the hoverboard’s explosive nature on camera. He also produced a follow-up video to answer the questions he’s been getting about the explosion video and to refuted claims that the video was faked. He said he’s turned down numerous offers to appear on talk shows and discuss the incident, because he doesn’t want to be known as the exploding hoverboard guy.

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Rae Votta

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