Frank Underwood has a message for America in new ‘House of Cards’ season 4 teaser

House of Cards president Frank Underwood announced his intention to run for another term during last month’s GOP debate, and now he’s demonstrating why he’s the presidential candidate that America deserves.

His latest campaign video aired during the Golden Globes Sunday night, showing him making the case for his presidency. As he listed all of the qualities he believed we deserve in a U.S. president, the camera cut to all of the very unpresidential things that Frank has done over the course of three intense, nail-biting seasons.

Frank may smile as he casually remembers all of his misdeeds, but his campaign hashtag and accompanying website say it even better: #FU2016.

The entire fourth season of House of Cards launches on March 4.

Screengrab via Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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