You couldn’t ASCII for a better gift

It took men declaring dress codes sexist for people to finally listen
When boys complain about having to wear pants, it goes viral. When women complain about being shamed, silence.

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twitter xmas tress

Twitter art for the holidays: It’s the perfect 140-character gift.

While millions of people around the world have been busy putting up holiday decorations and wrapping presents, a handful of Twitter artists have been creating small pieces of holiday art that you can send in a second.

Using ASCII characters, a 48-year-old encoding scheme that is built into all modern computer operating systems, artists like Matthew Haggett (@tw1tt3rart) and Gregory Wadsworth (@aggregart) have put together holiday tweets featuring Santa Claus, reindeer and Christmas trees.

Twitter art is an offshoot of older ASCII art, a mainstay of online communities since the days of bulletin-board systems—but adapted to Twitter’s compact format.

Image by Matthew Haggett

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