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The Holderness Family channels Kendrick Lamar for their Christmas Jammies jam

It’s not Christmas without the Holderness Family.


Rae Votta


It’s not a true holiday if the Holderness Family doesn’t put on matching pajamas and make a parody video, and Christmas 2015 is no exception.

The Holderness Family started the tradition in 2013 with a YouTube video that also served as the announcement of their new business making viral videos for brands and politicians. Their family-themed version of Will Smith’s “Miami” included tidbits like mom being in Iron Man 3 and dad getting a vasectomy. This year they parody Kendrick Lamar‘s “i” as an elf-themed anthem to celebrating the holidays.

Highlights for the family in the past year included Lola joining a basketball team, Penn Charles having 8 girlfriends now, and the whole family getting parodied on Saturday Night Live

The family has branched out to Thanksgiving and Halloween parodies as well, but nothing is as iconic as their annual Christmas Jammies moment. Jam on, Holdernesses.

Screengrab via The Holderness Family/YouTube

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