Don’t cast your vote before you watch Henri’s latest video, “Politique.”

Henri has laid out his political platform.

Everyone’s favorite French-speaking, award-winning, existential cat has released a new video Thursday that outlines his (strongly pro-feline) political beliefs.

In the appropriately-titled “Politique,” Henri editorializes that he’s wary of humans in political power, ponders why cats can’t govern, and endorses feline candidate Tuxedo Stanley for mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Cats play an important role in this country,” he exclaims, “Yet, when a Tuxedo cat runs for office in Halifax, the whole world laughs.”

He explains that while cats won’t be elevated to the status of being worshipped like they used to by Egyptians, a role in local government would be a “great start.”

The one-minute video has left some commenters to hope that Henri runs for President in 2016. “Henri pour president des animaux des Etats Unis,” wrote ahabtheplant.

Perhaps, but we still need to see Henri’s birth certificate.

Photo via HenriLaChatNoir/YouTube

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