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Eating healthy in 2016 starts on YouTube

Here’s to making those New Year’s resolutions last.


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YouTube can be a great place to find extreme foods and calorie-bomb concoctions, but it’s also a great resource to find inspiration and recipes to support those healthy eating New Year’s resolutions. We’ve got seven of the best healthy cooking YouTube channels to inspire your culinary health in 2016.

1) Clean and Delicious

Dani Spies is the mastermind behind Clean and Delicious, a YouTube channel aimed at making eating “EASY and DELICIOUS.” Using her holistic health background, she covers everything from basic knife skills and mango prep techniques to scrambled eggs and eggplant parmesan recipes. She even reveals how to gift other people healthy treats even if you don’t have kitchen skills.

2) LeanSecrets

LeanSecrets is a combination of fitness and food, and its host offers tips for practical food prep and how to get extras without the fancy tools. For example, she has a wheatgrass tutorial that doesn’t require a juicer, and these cheap food lists are still healthy for the budget-conscious. Brenda Lee Turner also demystifies “healthy” foods like orange juice, all while showcasing workout tips and vlogs about her weight-loss journey.

3) FitMenCook

Kevin at FitMenCook is all about starting a healthy body in the kitchen, not the gym. With everything from meal prep and weekly grocery shopping plans to practical tips for cooking moist chicken, FitMenCook helps fans figure the step-by-step way to kickstart a fitness journey through their stomach. He even caters to the desire to eat fast food with fast-food alternatives like a KFC-style chicken.

4) Mind Over Munch

Mind Over Munch wants you to forget about “fad diets” and food labels in your quest for healthy eating habits. Alyssia runs a two-ingredient series for super simple cooking including breads, cakes, and brownies for the sweet tooth. By adding tech-centric interfaces to her videos, she gamifies healthy eating, giving viewers a fun reason to keep coming back. There are also hacks like portable lunches in mason jars and homemade pizza rolls to avoid the store-bought kind.

5) FabLunch

FabLunch puts the culinary focus on one meal of the day: lunch. For office workers who turn to store-bought food for convenience and to escape repetition, this channel shows a variety of options for midday meals that are both healthy and fun. The other twist? FabLunch emphasizes the vegan lifestyle. YouTuber Olga Bykina provides vegan transitional tips like how to make a back-to-school bento box out of veggies. FabLunch also promotes its own line of lunch containers, for sale on its website.

6) The Diet Kitchen

The Diet Kitchen host Simon Roshdy often creates videos for how to achieve food similar to a store-bought experience, like Quest nutrition bars or Nandos chicken. Roshdy also includes vlogs about his own life and shares supplement haul videos.

7) The Domestic Geek

Her name is a bit deceiving, since host Sara Lynn Cauchon is not doling out geek-themed meals, but she definitely geeks out over healthy eating. Her tips range from homemade smoothie recipes to overnight oats. Her signature is showing you a multitude of ways to prepare a given recipe, instead of just one style. That means everything comes in multiples so you can’t get too bored of her recipe ideas.

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