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Harrison Ford completely destroys a fan’s Lego Millenium Falcon on ‘Conan’



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During a chat with J.J. Abrams and Harrison Ford about The Force Awakens, Conan O’Brien invited the show’s associate producer and Star Wars fanatic, Jordan Schlansky, to ask the duo a question. It’s probably a simple one, right?


The Luke Skywalker lightsaber from the original 1977 film was made from a vintage Graflex camera flash. It had seven plastic grips attached to the handle, and a Texas Instruments Exactra calculator LED bubblestrip. When the lightsaber returns in The Empire Strikes Back, it only has six grips on the handle, and each grip had a notch cut out to accomodate a visible fastener. Additionally, the bubblestrip had been replaced by a vintage computer connector board. The Force Awakens trailer once again features the same lightsaber, still with the correct vintage computer board, and still with the notches cut out of the handle grips—as we last saw them. However, it is unclear as to whether there are six or seven grips on the handle. Can you please confirm whether The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker lightsaber has six, or seven, grips?

Abrams lets Ford handle the question, who answers it—at long last—definitively:


Schlansky then asks if Ford can sign his Lego replica of the Millennium Falcon, which took him about 60 hours to build in 2010, and is worth around $5,000. Schlansky calls it the “flagship piece” of his massive collection of Star Wars memorabilia—and how much cooler would it be with Han Solo’s signature on it?

He hands it to Ford, and this happens:

Can you blame the guy for the “accident,” though? That bastard ship broke his leg while they were filming. He deserves his revenge.

Check out the whole sketch here, and remember to see The Force Awakens sometime in the next six months that it’ll be in theaters. Also make sure to buy your Force Awakens soap, towels, sodas, video games, and lawnchairs, etc.—nobody wants to be a half-ass fan.

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