Watch the premiere of Hank Green’s SciShow

Hank Green of YouTube’s vlogbrothers debuted the first episode of SciShow yesterday.

An educational science show narrated by Green, SciShow is one of many professionally made channels YouTube invested millions into with the goal of competing with television programing.

The first episode features Green explaining how non-Newtonian liquids work, before wishing for a bulletproof hoodie made of similar material. (He makes a compelling case for how it would work.)

Green, who speaks with both gravitas and goofiness, uses objects to solidify his points, making a somewhat enjoyable learning experience for what could be deemed a boring topic.

“I think i’ve learned more from this video, than in the whole semester of both chemistry and physics. and that’s kind of sad” wrote TheHannaFactor.

There are already tons of science shows on YouTube, some well-established and very popular, but few have YouTube clout on par with the vlogbrothers.

As outlined in a new video, the power duo just celebrated their five-year anniversary on YouTube and boast a 600,000-plus strong subscriber base. (Hank & John Green topped the Daily Dot’s list for the most influential people on YouTube in 2011.)

YouTube even promoted the show on its front page today. But so far, the first episode of SciShow has collected less than 10,000 views.

Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina Eördögh was the Daily Dot's first YouTube reporter. In addition to working as a producer for the now-defunct digital channel TouchVision TV, Eördögh has been published by Vice, the Christian Science Monitor, the Guardian, Variety, and Slate.