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Heckler upstages the world’s best golf players with miraculous putt



Austin Powell


It’s been called one of the greatest putts in Ryder Cup history, and it was made be a heckler. 

Thursday morning during a practice round on the sixth green, fan David Johnson couldn’t stand the site of Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan missing a couple of putts. He heckled “on behalf of Team USA,” he would say later, that he could finish the job. To the surprise of everyone, Henrik Stenson, who just won the open Championship, attempted to call his bluff, and Justin Rose sweetened the deal, laying down a crisp $100 bill beside the golf ball. 

Then the miracle happened: 

Adding insult to injury, Johnson called out the size of Sullivan’s putter. You can get a little bit more of the context leading up to the event in this clip: 

Johnson is being hailed as a new American hero, which means hecklers will probably start coming out in full force looking for their 15 minutes of fame. For his part, Johnson has no plans to spend that $100.

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