Darren Criss drops hints about the song he wrote for the ‘Glee’ series finale

Glee may be ending in a week, but star Darren Criss has been slowly counting down to the series finale by giving Gleeks daily tastes of an original song he wrote for the episode.

Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on the show, began tweeting handwritten lyrics to his original song, “This Time,” on Tuesday.

Fans usually know the song titles and lyrics weeks before an episode, since Glee regularly covers pop songs and throwback classics. However, they’ve occasionally dipped into fully original songs, starting in season two. Criss’ tracks mark the first time a cast member has contributed wholly original music to be used on the Glee stage. 

Criss already had one original song of his featured in last week’s episode, with “Rise” highlighting the episode’s climax where the New Directions and the Warblers join forces to form a super show choir.

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“This Time” will be sung by Lea Michelle’s Rachel Berry character in the second hour of the finale. Fan, naturally, are freaking out about the slow tease.

Fans will likely be able to hear the final track on Monday. Glee typically releases each episode’s soundtrack on iTunes at the beginning of the week. The two-hour series finale airs Friday.

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Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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