‘Gigahoes’ is the sexbot webseries you didn’t know you needed

Warning: The videos in this article contain explicit content that may be NSFW.

So you’ve all been reading about how we’re all going to be having sex with robots, right? You’ve possibly even tried to imagine what it might be like, only to have your private musings constantly thwarted by the horrifying images of Roxxxy, with her “beautiful skin,” dead fish eyes, and Skank Mode.

Well ponder no longer, friends. Let Gigahoes—a webseries set in a sex-bot escort agency—create the mood for you. 

As can be seen, it’s a tad too amateurish to recommend on production alone, and its humor is inconsistent and relies too heavily on jokes about “cavities.” But at the very least, it manages to surmount the shuddering creepiness of actual robot sex’s uncanny valley by the use of cheap, soon-to-be-outdated, human actors.  

Screengrab via Giga Hoes/YouTube

Tom Harrington

Tom Harrington

Tom Harrington is an entertainment reporter whose work for the Daily Dot focused on webseries and streaming entertainment. He's reviewed series on YouTube and Netflix, and he was approximately four years ahead of the curve on comedian Joe Pera.