Sara Eisen

It’s more innocent than it looks: Bloomberg reporter Sara Eisen got caught adjusting her microphone’s battery pack below her waist. 

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Newsflash! Bloomberg anchor reveals more than she bargained for on Markets Watch!

And markets were never watched as closely again.

Bloomberg reporter Sara Eisen was caught Monday with her skirt up. She was innocently adjusting the sizable battery pack for her microphone, located below her waist, when her colleague on-camera had some technical difficulties and, to avoid dead air, a cameraman unexpectedly panned over to Eisen in mid-adjustment.

Eisen’s eyes tripled in size and she hastily dropped her skirt down, recovered her composure with a speed that does credit to her professionalism, and proceeded to give us an unflappable run-down on the Spanish banking situation.

Reddit naturally loves this GIF, which first surfaced on the Cheezburger Empire’s SenorGif site. It has received 13,204 upvotes, 11,631 downvotes, and 1032 comments.

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