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Ghostface Killah attacks pharma bro Martin Shkreli’s heartlessness

And Mama Ghostface is backing her son.


Molly Stier


Pharma bro Martin Shkreli gets a virtual spanking from Mama and Sister Ghostface Killah in a newly released response video from the Wu-Tang Clansman. Check it out: 

The latest installment in this feud between Shkreli and Ghostface follows a tension that began shortly after the possible securities fraud criminal bought the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s most recent album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, for $2 million.

“I don’t care how much money you got because money don’t make you a man, bro,” Ghostface Killah said in the new clip released on Tuesday.

Ghostface uses a combo of animation and posters throughout; much like the way Shkreli attempted to intimidate the rapper—wine glass in hand—in a video he released two weeks ago.

For his part, Shkreli replied to the diss via Twitter

The 12-minute roast also stars Ghostface’s sister and mom, who call Shkreli out on the notorious price tag his pharmaceutical company Turing put on a potentially life-saving AIDS drug—increasing the cost by 5,000 percent.

“Look, Martin. If you was my son, I’d whip your ass,” Sister Ghostface said, rocking a matching customized white tee reading “2 mil sucker.” “I’d give you an ass-whoopin’ because what you’re doing is so, so foul.”

Nobody messes with Wu-Tang’s squad. 

Screengrab via drzodiaktv/YouTube

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