Gangnam bombing Hurricane Sandy

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The first horseman of the Apocalypse isn’t the only meme riding its way into news coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

About 200 miles away from the horseman’s appearance in Washington, DC, two men ducked into the background as a reporter broadcast from the coastline during a live shot being broadcast by Norfolk, Virginia’s TV station WAVY. Their goal? Gangnam bomb the news report, apparently—a nod to the music phenomenon of the moment that just won’t seem to go away.

The station quickly cut away to B-roll video. When the coverage came back to the live reporter, the Gangnam fans had left.

The mixture of Hurricane Sandy and Gangnam Style didn’t stop in the Norfolk region.

On Monday, user lymenchen uploaded a video of himself performing the dance, toting an umbrella amidst heavy wind and rain. In the description, he credits cabin fever and his children for the inspiration. And then apologizes to his wife.

Psy himself was scheduled to travel to Toronto on Oct. 29 for various promotional appearances. When flights to Canada were canceled, the singer updated his fans on Twitter.

“Planes to Toronto are canceled. Waiting for next availabilities. Please be safe everybody in the east coast!!!,” he tweeted.

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