Don’t watch this YouTube video if you cry over spilt milk

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The newest YouTube crazy is remarkably easy to replicate and a terrible pain to clean up after. 

Careful as you go cruising the aisles of your favorite local grocery store this weekend. There’s a new craze sweeping through their ever-shiny linoleum floors, one that’s high on milk jugs and short on necessary mops.

Gallon Smashing is the new thing YouTube’s telling you is the cool thing to do, and it’s remarkably simple. Just head over to the dairy stand at your nearest supermarket, grab two gallon jugs, walk down the aisle, and then intentionally trip over your own feet, thus allowing both gallons to fly helplessly into the air before crashing to the floor and spewing all over.

These three crazy kids from TheChaizyChannel had the idea to kick it off, and their video’s already been seen more than 320,000 times. With any luck, it’ll hit the million mark by Monday, leading to a sweeping new round of “Got Milk?” advertisements.

Photo via TheChaizyChannel/YouTube

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