The Daily Dot’s official endorsements for the Friskies


Are these the greatest cat videos of all time?

What started as a pool of 1,400 entries has now been narrowed down to 12. And in two weeks, we’ll finally know once and for all who can stake proper claim to the greatest cat video of all time.

Such opportunity comes almost exclusively in thanks to Friskies, the cat food company whose awards, “The Friskies”, have promised $15,000 to the winner, determined in part by public voting. There’s also $2,500 up for grabs to the winner of each subcategory, which the Friskies have appropriately grouped as “Catcom, “Catventure,” “Catness,” and “Catchall.”

Voting runs until Nov. 9, and you’re allowed to vote for one contestant from each category.

Wait, only one vote? That sort of raises the stakes here, right?

Fear not. The Daily Dot has done some advanced scouting. Behold, our endorsements for the four greatest cat videos of all time, as arranged by cat subcategory.

Catcom, “Cat Alarm Clock”

We’ve actually written about this particular video before. Weslley Cavalcante’s cat found quite the aggravating to way to wake his owner up every morning—by smacking up a spring door stop.

Catventure, “Katie Is…Accused”

In a quiet townhouse, life for Katie was everything it could be: happy, lazy, fulfilled. Until one day, a rule was broken. A shoelace had been chewed, and Katie was accused. Now she’s going to kitty prison for a crime she claims she didn’t commit.

Catness, “Which Way Did It Go?”

Six cats standing in a row all watching as its owner shoots what must be a laser pointer every which way around the room? Yes, please. That’s got my vote.

Catchall, “Kitty Plays Fetch”

Wait, I thought dogs were supposed to be the ones that played fetch. Turns out Nylah from Cherry Hill, N.J., is just as likely to chase a ball down the steps as the neighborhood pup that lives down the street. Good dog, Nylah. Sorry, I mean cat.

Photo via Friskies/YouTube

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