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Chandler Bing gets down to Drake in this incredible ‘Hotline Bling’ mashup

Featuring the iconic moves of Chandler Bing.


Jam Kotenko


Just when you thought the craze for Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” has already reached its peak, we get gifted a brand-new way to enjoy the hit: as backdrop to the stellar dance moves of one Chandler Bing.

Anybody who’s marathoned episodes of Friends should know about the character’s “victory dance”—he usually does it with a goofy expression on his face:


Courtesy of a 50-second video clip produced by Comedy Central India and posted on Facebook, fans of all the awkward Drake impersonations on Youtube can now focus on something a lot more entertaining. Check out the moments that made Chandler—played by Matthew Perry—everyone’s favorite Friend.

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Sorry, Drake, but there’s a new number for us to call, and it’s 1-800-HOTLINE-BING.

H/T Entertainment Weekly | Screengrab via Team Coco/Youtube

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