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Freakout or fabulous?

“Do you like me now?” asks a young girl in the middle of a possible nervous break-down on camera. 


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“Do you like me now?” asks a young girl in the middle of a possible nervous break-down on camera. 

The unknown teenager in the video titled “GIRL GOES NUTS NOT HAVING A BOYFRIEND (original)”  proceeds to violently smear make up all over her face, asking “Am I pretty enough for you?” and “Am I tan enough for you?” 

Originally uploaded onto YouTube on June 29th by user oXAshleyAddictionXo, “GIRL GOES NUTS NOT HAVING A BOYFRIEND (original)” is on it’s way to going viral with over 100,000 views and blog posts galore.  oXAshleyAddictionXo makes it clear in her video’s description  that the girl in the video is not her, admitting she found the video on Tumblr. oXAshleyAddictionXo goes on to write: “It’s hard to tell if she’s trolling or just completely retarded I personally think.”

While there is some debate over the girl’s authenticity in the comments section of YouTube (and on Reddit), the general consensus is the girl is trolling, or doing some sort of immature social commentary. If we do believe this young girl went crazy, her video makes it clear the fault lies in society’s objectification of women. 

The young girl begins her video with the following statement: 

“So basically right now I am going to make a video called Do You Like Me Now? It’s a video doing crazy stuff that I think guys like in a girl, like being dumb, and a slut. This is just going to be me, doing crazy stuff.” 

The girl in the video makes true on her promise to do “crazy stuff”, even mocking females on MySpace by parodying their poses and kissy faces. The unknown girl even touches on female insecurities by joking about her small breast size.  Also, the phrase “I don’t have a boyfriend so I’ve been wondering what is wrong with me. “ 

Given the girl’s age and her silly delivery method (“2 + 2 = gonorrhea”), it’s hard to believe she was actively trying to critique society or spout old-school feminist manifesto. The “Do You Like Me Now” girl was probably just venting her frustration at being rejected by boys – boys that choose make-up obsessed girls of lesser intellect and larger boobs. It happens. 

Good news on the unknown girl’s dating front: many potential suitors and friends have written “I like her now”, “I love her for this” and even “I fucking love you”… 

Maybe she’ll meet a nice 4chan boy outside her door one day and realize not all guys are bad. Let the Internet campaign to unveil her identity begin? 

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