Father John Misty crucifies Macaulay Culkin, as Kurt Cobain, in his ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ video


Celebrity culture: Not so great?

That’s what Father John Misty seems to be hinting at in his new video for “Total Entertainment Forever.” In it, Macaulay Culkin plays a virtual-reality version of Kurt Cobain who gets bound, whipped, and crucified as “King of the Cucks” while ecstatic onlookers smile and take selfies. The video also stars bizzaro versions of George Washington, Bill Clinton, and Jon Arbuckle from Garfield.

The single features a lyric about Taylor Swift that stirred up some controversy earlier this year—but within the context of the video it’s pretty clear that Misty is targeting the entertainment industry with his commentary, not Swift herself. At one point, a papier-mâché Ronald McDonald bursts out of Misty’s chest like he’s in Alien and shoots a nearby woman with a laser.

“It was directed by Adam Green and was shot on location at a McDonald’s in Florence,” the singer joked in the video’s YouTube comments.

Watch it here, if you dare:

Misty recently expanded his world tour, and “Total Entertainment Forever” is a track from his latest album, Pure Comedy.

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Christine Friar

Christine Friar

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