Upstream podcast Fantastic Beasts

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Pictures / YouTube Illustration by Bruno Moraes | Remix by Jason Reed

We tell you our Hogwarts houses, then answer the tough questions.

This week on the Upstream podcast, I fill in for Audra and welcome Parsec Editor Sarah Weber and Parsec Writer Gavia Baker-Whitelaw to dissect J.K. Rowling‘s latest blockbuster.

We tell you our Hogwarts houses, then get into the weeds with the tough questions: Is Fantastic Beasts any good? Did the new characters stick? What’s up with Rowling’s view of American history? Are we really expected to hang out for another four movies? 

There are spoilers ahead, but they’ll be clearly designated at about the midway point. Accio podcast!

We weren’t into that [REDACTED] cameo, either.

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