Watch this guy do 18 ‘Family Guy’ voices in 3 minutes

Family Guy

Giggity giggity. 

Brock Baker may just give Seth McFarlane a run for his money.

In his latest video stunt, the self-proclaimed “Man of a Kajillion Voices,” tackles the characters of Family Guy. From Peter and Stewie Griffin to some of the lesser-known favorites like Mayor Adam West and Seamus, Baker perfectly mimics 18 characters from the animated sitcom that has amassed a cult following and received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

It’s a three-minute capsule of one of the funniest shows out there, and he gets bonus points for his absurd “giggity giggity” sequence in the vein of resident creeper Glen Quagmire.

Past impersonation videos from Baker include characters from The MuppetsSpongebob SquarepantsFuturama and South Park. He also produces animated Breaking Bad shorts and one time read Fifty Shades of Grey with 50 different voices.

Baker says in the video that he plans to continue voicing TV show characters every week, so make sure to post your suggestions in the YouTube comments section.

Screenshot via YouTube/McGoiter

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