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You know what the Internet needs? More bacon.

Epic Meal Time will bring home the bacon, literally, after inking a new deal with Hormel to feature its products on their YouTube series.

Hormel Black Label Bacon partnered with Collective Digital Studio’s Epic Meal Time as the official bacon of the channel, which is dedicated to over-the-top, often meat-laden creations. The bacon brand will also feature on “Handle It,” the channel’s quick cooking instructions segment. Although Epic Meal Time is making the jump to television this month with their new show Epic Meal Empire premiering July 26 on A&E’s FYI Network, they’ll continue to serve their more than 6.4 million subscribers with the kind of food and cooking content that could give you a clogged artery through your computer screen.

According to the team at Epic Meal Time, it’s estimated that more than 1,300 pounds of bacon will be used in their videos in the next 12 months. That figure is hardly shocking, however, when you consider how much bacon they’ve used already in some of their most mouth-watering creations.

Screengrab via Epic Meal Time/YouTube

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