These grandparents can’t even with Slipknot music videos

'It's not my type of music and never will be!'


Rae Votta


Published Jun 5, 2015   Updated May 28, 2021, 4:05 pm CDT

Iowa heavy metal group Slipknot and the over-60 crowd go together like oil and water, as proven by The Fine Bros. latest episode of Elders React.

The YouTubers sat a group of older adults down to watch Slipknot videos, with generally predictable results. They didn’t love it. On the negative side, they wondered, “why the masks?” and assumed troubled kids were fans of the band. 

Not all the elders were anti-Slipknot, to be fair. While it was mostly disapproval, Yehuda was really rocking out and wanting more. Spoiler alert: he’s the Fine Bros.’ father, so he might have been a cool dad plant.

Screengrab via TheFineBros/YouTube

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*First Published: Jun 5, 2015, 2:23 pm CDT