Run the Pokemon

Photo via Christian Bertrand / Remix by Jason Reed

He’s now asking fans to submit their remixes.

The internet is taking no prisoners when it comes to Pokémon Go. Rapper El-P made fun of the game over the weekend and ended up eating his words once fans came after him. In a humorous attempt at damage control, the Run the Jewels member released a 30-second Pokémon freestyle.

The freestyle is pretty pathetic within itself but went to good use as El-P called for a Pokémon freestyle challenge, asking fans to submit remixes.

Pokemon rappin

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El-P dissed the game earlier that day cautioning that playing it could get Pokémasters hit by a car.

That was when the hate poured in. The Company Flow artist says he was actually “impressed” with the overwhelming amount of hate he got following his tweets.

El-P’s call to remix his Pokémon freestyle similarly caught on quickly. Remixes rolled in, pairing the song with the classic Pokémon battle music.

Pokémon Go is the franchise’s biggest stride in the mobile app world, creeping closely behind Twitter when it comes to daily users. El-P is undoubtedly hoping his freestyle and its remixes prove just as catchy.

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