‘Drunk History’ couple’s wedding dance has magic tricks and choreography

justin willman and jillian sipkins wedding dance

Justin Willman/YouTube

The wedding song is a good choice.

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Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins really are trying as hard as they possibly can to win the award for best wedding of all time. After sharing a video of themselves getting drunk and retelling the story of how they met—in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History—the couple is now showing off their first dance.

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Set to “I Put a Spell on You” by “Screaming” Jay Hawkins, the couple’s well-choreographed dance includes props, acrobatics, and even a magic trick. That’s right, the bride levitates the groom in the big finale of the performance.

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It shouldn’t be all that surprising that they manages to sneak an illusion into the dance. Considering Willman is a magician by trade, it’s practically expected. Having Sipkins take the lead on the trick is a great twist, though.

Screengrab via Justin Willman/YouTube