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Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, on Drake: ‘He don’t write his own raps’

Rap titans engage in a spiraling civil war via Twitter. So does Meek Mill.


Clyde Lovellette


Twitter is the best app money can buy, and it’s free. After Nicki Minaj spent her Tuesday on the platform calling out structural racism in the music industry, her boyfriend decided to take shots at her ex.

That’s how Meek Mill’s messy Twitter diatribe started, at least. The Philadelphia rapper, who released his second album Dreams Worth More Than Money last month, called Minaj’s ex-fiance Safaree Samuels “gay”:

This was odd enough, but after a few haphazard tweets about his album sales, he dropped the bomb:

In rap, authenticity is incredibly important. Calling someone’s raps ghostwritten is both a serious accusation and somewhat common according to many album liner notes. There is a line between crediting people in the studio who might suggest an idea and paying someone to write whole verses however, and Meek was accusing Drake of the latter.

Meek finally elaborated on Drake, saying Drake didn’t write the verse on his album, confirmed by having heard the verse rapped by an unnamed “youngbull” before the song had come out.

The rising beef was undercut by rumors that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had broken up. Neither camp has confirmed them, but Meek Mill did pull photos of Nicki Minaj from his Instagram account.

At this point the entire rap Internet was set aflame and nobody could believe that Meek Mill was really dragging the most popular rapper in the game through the mud. That absolutely included celebrities.

As many people wondered if Meek had been hacked, he posted this photo on Instagram:

At some point, Rick Ross tweeted and deleted a tweet containing “Drake>>>>>>Meek” and nothing else.

Meek responded:

More than a few rappers tried to get some press off this tizzy the rap Internet got itself into, including SpaceGhostPurrp and the perpetually thirsty OG Maco. Maco posted screenshots of Drake’s song credits, including the name Quentin Miller:

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

Miller is from Atlanta and makes up half of the pretty trash rap duo WDNG Crshrs, and has apparently been alleged as Drake’s ghostwriter before. Meek even ended up tweeting Miller’s name, and he is sure to be more famous today than he was yesterday.

After circling back to making fun of Samuels, Meek was asked to provide receipts for his Drake accusations, to which Meek responded, “I’m not saying nothing else!”

Meek’s refusal to give proof of Drake not writing his own rhymes extinguished some of the flame emojis from his earlier tweets, especially since it’s unclear how many people really care. Those are all still Drake’s hit songs regardless of who wrote them. But it was too late—the night became an avalanche of memes. By morning #MeekBeLike became a national trending topic, complete with its obligatory parody account.

Now all there is to do is turn on notifications for Drake’s tweets.

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