IFC offers look at Vice-parodying ‘Documentary Now!’ episode

SNL alums Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have teamed up for a new IFC series, and you can watch a full episode right now. 

Documentary Now!, which debuts Aug. 20, is primarily a platform for the many excellent impressions of Hader and Armisen, as they take liberties with history. The second episode, “Dronez,” finds two journalists heading to Mexico to track down a notorious drug lord, and they’re definitely joining the Onion in satirizing the questionable “balls to the walls” journalism of Vice with the Brooklyn-based publication Dronez. In this clip, we also get to watch Helen Mirren say “balls to the walls.” 

Jack Black plays the goateed founder of Dronez, and as soon as his two correspondents (Hader and Armisen, playing a series of clueless bros with frightening precision) land in Juarez to track down “El Chingon,” their myopia is on full display. 

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Screengrab via IFC/YouTube 

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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