Detroit Red Wings photobomb

Screengrab via Detroit Red Wings/Instagram

It’s time to let these guys out of the penalty box.


Sometimes it’s not what you do to get into the penalty box that matters. It’s what you do once you get there. 

Detroit Red Wings forwards Dylan Larkin and Steve Ott were sitting out for some minor penalties in the third period of a preseason game against the Chicago Blackhawks when they noticed 4-year-old Lylah Almas being positioned for a photo next to the penalty box. The framing was just too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

Lylah was hit with the classic Ott, Larkin penalty box photobomb. | #lgrw (📸 @shan0mac)

A photo posted by Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club (@detroitredwings) on

“I think they just noticed we were taking it and once one of them looked, they both looked,” Shannon Almas, Lylah’s mom, told “We were like ‘Oh my gosh!’ when we looked back at the pictures. ‘They’re literally both smiling!'”

So are we. 


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