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15 TV shows you’ll never want to watch

Twitter's fall TV lineup features some real downers.


Austin Powell


Posted on Oct 10, 2011   Updated on Jun 3, 2021, 2:19 am CDT

Which television show would you rather not watch: “How I Left Your Mother” or “How I Met Your Mother in Rehab“?

Those are just two of the countless #depressingsitcoms collectively brainstormed on Twitter this weekend, yielding a hilarious trove of dark-comedy TV pitches. The topic blew up late on Friday and has since been mentioned nearly 8,000 times, according to social-media search engine Topsy.

Hayes Carll (@HayesCarll), a songwriter, and Christopher Weingarten (@1000TimesYes), a rock critic, first brought #depressingsitcoms to the Dot’s attention.

Carll tweeted, “Home Improvement is not covered by FEMA,” while Weingarten suggested “Just Shoot Me. Just Fucking Shoot Me. If You Loved Me You’d Shoot Me. Do It. Shoot Me In The Fucking Face. Kill Me.”  

While those shows might not get the greenlight in Hollywood, “Saturday Night Live” now has a few years worth of material to work with. Here are our 15 favorite pitches.

  • 15) “The Cleveland, Ohio Show” by @daveweigel
  • 14) “The Westboro Baptist Bunch” by @iowahawkblog
  • 13) “Clarissa Explains the Bruises” by @arobtwit
  • 13) “The Fresh Prince of Belarus” by @badasstshirtguy
  • 12) “Family Matters (Just Not To Your Father)” by @IcyBrian
  • 11) “Two Guys, a Girl, a Pizza Place and Darfur” by @1000TimesYes
  • 10) “Those Facts of Life Deemed Appropriate for Teaching by the Texas Department of Education” by @popehat
  • 9) “Sex and the Pity” by @totle9
  • 8) “Two and a Half Inches” by @Timmmay11
  • 7) “American Funniest Home Invasions” by @WilsonRagGuy
  • 6) “Malcolm in the Middle of a Custody Battle” by @hayescarll
  • 5) “So You Think You Can Find An Organ Donor” by@ddogfilm
  • 4) “Touched by an Uncle” by @jandrewpotter
  • 3) “Janet Reno 911” by @nickgillespie
  • 2) “Little Foreclosed House on the Prairie” by @satirclalx
  • 1) “Big Intelligent Design Theory” by @bettyfckinwhite
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*First Published: Oct 10, 2011, 10:53 am CDT