Oh my dayum! Daym Drops is back with another Super Official food review. This time, he’s taking on Quiznos’ Honey Bourbon Chicken Wrap.

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This is the first day of the rest of Daymon Patterson’s life. Daym Drops’ Super Official food reviews have officially gone healthy.

“I told y’all I was going to be working on a healthier me,” the affable YouTube food reviewer revealed from the seat of his four-door sedan. “You musta thought I was lying to you. You musta thought I was playing with your emotions. Not at all, baby.”

Patterson’s target this week: the Honey Bourbon Chicken Wrap at Quiznos.

“It’s about 259 calories or so,” he notes. “Real light, real easy on the stomach piece. Real make-ya-hungry-because-this-is-how-big-it-is.”

It’s a far stretch from a mean cheeseburger, but Patterson’s determined to “do it right.”

The pita wrap itself, small enough for “his whole hand piece” to swallow up, brings about a brief bout with depression, but Patterson remains unfettered, opening the wrap to take a look at the spices.

“It looks mean, don’t it, baby?” he asks. “It looks real mean. It looks real tempting. You can probably count the pieces of chicken in here, but that’s okay.”

Then he takes a bite. And chews and chews and chews.

What’s the Super Official review? Why, you’ll just have to watch.

Photo via YouTube

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