Daily Show tweets Texas abortion Supreme Court

Screengrab via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube

This did not go over well.

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down Texas House Bill 2, giving a big victory to pro-choice advocates. Not surprisingly, those who believe in a women’s right to choose and a women’s right not to have to travel hundreds of miles for an abortion were in a celebratory mood.

But the Daily Show, in an attempt to mix comedy with its customarily center-left slant, might have gone too far.

The tweet was sent out in the middle of the afternoon, hours after the Supreme Court released its 5-3 decision, and much of the internet exploded in protest of the Daily Show.

On and on it went. Even pro-choice liberals decried the tweet—probably because it was in poor taste, which perhaps would have been mitigated slightly if it was actually humorous—and less than 90 minutes later, the Daily Show issued another tweet.

But unsurprisingly, not everybody was convinced the Daily Show truly meant it.

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