Conan O’Brien tests his fluency in another language: emoji

This world is running out of words to use. Or we’ve grown tired of the ones we have. Or emojis are awesome. Or whatever. Point is: We’re sending lots of texts with nothing but funny images.

Capitalizing on the trend, Conan O’Brien and eternal sidekick Andy Richter took to the texting world in a segment that’s no longer up on Conan’s website to announce their unrivaled dominance in the Understanding Emoji as Actual Sentences game. You’ll find the full video below, but highlights include:

Your fly is open.

I got drunk and went on

I just lost our house in a poker game. Oh, and happy anniversary, baby.

I secretly filmed you on the toilet and sold the videos to a German porn site. Now I can afford to buy a speedboat. 

Watch the full segment below. Emoji: They’re taking over our TVs.

Conan Reads Emojis by NewsTodayTV

Photo via NewsTodayTV/DailyMotion

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

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