Your favorite movie scenes turned into breathtaking cinemagraphs

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The process is tedious, but with enough attention to detail, the results can be stunning.

Luke Skywalker lifting the TIE Fighter from the swamp in The Empire Strikes Back. Vito Corleone petting his cat in the opening of The Godfather. There are those special movie scenes that film buffs can’t help but watch over and over again.

Reddit user t3chn0ir is one of these cinephiles. And to satisfy his silver-screen addiction, he has mastered the art of the high-resolution, perfectly looping GIF animation, also known as cinemagraphs. These GIFs blur the line of beginning and end. They often only have one animated element, accomplished with Photoshop’s masking feature. The process is tedious, but with enough attention to detail, the results can be stunning.


“My goal is to capture great moments in movies in cinemagraphs so they last forever,” t3chn0ir wrote on Reddit, where his GIFs have collected more than 300 comments and reached the front page. “Sometimes that turns out really great sometimes not so great. Twenty-five percent of ideas I have for cinemagraphs don’t even make the cut, even if I put already several hours into them. This one turned out not that great but good enough, so I decided to post it. It still captured that moment for me.”

T3chn0ir’s GIFs have been viewed on Imgur, a free photo sharing website, more than 135,000 times. Check out all 40 animations below.

GIFs by T3chn0ir | Photo via

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