Chris Hardwick finally gets busted for sneaking on ‘The Price Is Right’ set

Chris Hardwick gets to hang out with our people on a regular basis, but he’s really been living our childhood fantasy once filming stops.

He told Conan O’Brien that, when celebrities come on The Talking Dead, he’ll usually take them to the set of The Price is Right once they’ve gotten all of their zombie feels out on his set one floor below. 

During the latest season, he went down with The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt, Tyler James Williams, and Steven Yeun, where McDermitt managed to hit something contestants rarely get. And they made the awesome but rookie mistake of putting it on Instagram.

@joshmcdermitt @willtylerjames @nerdist pt. 1 cliffhanger

A video posted by Steven Yeun (@steveyeun) on

@joshmcdermitt @willtylerjames @nerdist pt. 2 usa

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Of course, the studio didn’t like it very much and kindly asked him to stop sneaking onto the Price is Right set.

But considering how often Hardwick has taken his celebrity friends down to the studio on social media, we can only wonder how it took this long to tell him to stop.

First, he took down Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Considering he helped bring back the whole zombie phenomenon, it’s only fitting he be rewarded.

Robert Kirkman and I may have found the Price Is Right wheel in the building after Talking Dead tonight…

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And then it was True Blood and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. How do you say no to that face?

Yeun is no stranger to visiting the Price is Right set, having gone six months ago before his castmates tagged along.

One time @steveyeun & I made it to the Showcase Showdown. #Broyhill

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Yvette Nicole Brown and CM Punk make a worthy Talking Dead duo, so maybe the powers that be allowed that one—with Hardwick even admitting that he sneaks down to the Price is Right studio downstairs all the time.

Sometimes after Talking Dead we sneak downstairs to spin the Price Is Right wheel…(sometimes=all times)

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But bringing Yeun, McDermitt, and Williams together? That might’ve been too much star power. Fortunately for us, there was video that time.

Screengrab via Team Coco

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