Australian TV star Charlotte Dawson hospitalized after Twitter harassment

Charlotte Dawson, the Australia's Next Top Model judge who recently fought back against harassment on Twitter, is in the hospital for unknown reasons.

Aug 30, 2012, 11:26 am


Fernando Alfonso III 

Fernando Alfonso III

Australian TV star Charlotte Dawson is in the hospital following a barrage of tweets from trolls telling her to kill herself.

It is unclear at this time why Dawson, whose fiancé recently committed suicide, was hospitalized Thursday, but her spokesman told that “she is OK.”

Dawson’s last tweets were sent following two TV appearances on Australian TV Wednesday evening to raise bullying awareness..

“Hope this ends the misery,” Dawson tweeted. “You win x.”

Over the past two days Dawson, who is a judge of Australia’s Next Top Model, has been the victim of hundreds of Twitter trolls. She recently struck back at troll Tanya Heti, who allegedly tweeted, “[I]f I was your fiance I’d hang myself too #gohangyourself.”

“She had stupidly posted her business card details. So I emailed her boss, a professor at Monash University,” Dawson told ABC Sydney. “I also rang the girl myself.”

Heti was ultimately fired. But that didn’t discourage the trolls in their attack.

Should hang herself. Bitched already caused enough trouble and doesn’t deserve that much fame,” @edwardstevens10 tweeted after the firing.

[O]n behalf of the world would you please go and hang yourself,” added @JimmyRu59985089.

Many of Dawson’s friends have come to her support following the incident.

No matter whether you ‘like’ them or not, high profile people aren’t immune to feelings and emotions,” Melissa Hoyer, a friend of Dawson’s, told “So when a constant barrage of insults and crap are thrown at them, there comes a time when they say enough is enough.”

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