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8-year-old rap fan makes amazing Lego tribute to Cam’ron

You’ve got to see what this 8-year-old made out of LEGOs.


Ikenna Anyoku


Few rappers are as influential as Cam’ron. The rap superstar’s impact on music and the hip-hop lexicon is only outdone by his influence on the style and fashion. In the early 2000’s, Cam’ron popularized wearing laffy-taffy colored faux furs and had an entire generation of rap fans looking like ghetto Elizabeth Taylors. Now he serves as a muse for artists pursuing other creative forms of expression. 

Eight-year-old hip-hop head Yung Lenox is such a big fan of Mr. Cam’ron that he felt moved to make a 4.5-foot mosaic of his favorite rapper, all out of Lego. 

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