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‘Broad City’ ladies teach you how to survive holiday parties

Find out how to avoid mistletoe kisses with candy cane cold sores.


Greg Seals


Now that December is upon us, so is the official start of the holiday party season. Between dodging the creepy guy in sales at your office Christmas party and choosing the right knit for your friend’s ugly sweater shindig, there’s a lot of celebration to prepare for. But this is 2014, and Dear Abby’s advice on being the perfect seasonal guest is a little out dated.

Thankfully, there’s another Abbi who has some party etiquette advice for you, and with the added expertise of her friend Ilana, you’ll be able to throw down with the best of them. Let the girls from Broad City give you a primer in how to prepare for seasonal celebration circuit.

From bringing the perfect hostess gift, to dodging mistletoe kisses from creeps with candy cane cold sores, the girls have though of every tip you need to navigate your way through a holiday bash. 

Just remember, if the side effects from taking someone else’s boner pills don’t wear off in six hours, see a doctor. 

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