Britney Spears’ Auto-Tune-free ‘Toxic’ take is flawless

Countless artists have hidden behind the wizardry of Auto-Tune technology, helping corral their haphazard vocals into some semblance of a melody. Not Britney Spears.

In this newly released leak of Spears’ 2004 smash hit “Toxic,” listeners can hear what her vocals sounded like before Auto-Tune swooped in to finish out the track. Given that “Toxic” is a song filled with challenging intervals and demanding a huge range, you might expect it to have a few rough edges.

You would be wrong.

Think it sounds like the edited version? Yeah, we do too. That’s all credit to Spears innate singing abilities. Here’s the original music video, in case you want to listen to the final mixed and mastered track.

Sure, maybe you can hear the cleanup a little on her doubled-up harmonies, but it’s certainly leaps and bounds ahead of whatever you’re belting out at karaoke night.

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Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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