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How to write an insanely catchy pop tune in minutes

Warning: This might get stuck in your head for days. 


Chase Hoffberger


It’s one part bassoon, two parts generic sexy lyrics, a dash of nerdy British humor, and a “kinda funky beat.”

That’s the recipe for writing a hit pop song, according to British YouTube musician Brett Domino. The young lad should know: His covers of some of the biggest pop songs in music today regularly score more than 100,000 views online. 

With his latest video, Domino’s journeyed into the world of original compositions, penning a song in mere minutes called “Sexy When You Do That.” The track comes inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, apparently, and features a five-note bassoon lick that would probably make hitmaking producer Timbaland blush. 

There’s also a prerequisite rap verse that seems to function as the bridge of the track.

The bulk of Domino’s original compositions have garnered view tallies somewhere in the low thousands. Up for 21 hours, this one’s already got 130,000 views. Looks like Domino’s discovered his recipe for success.

Photo via Brett Domino/YouTube

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