This “Cat Alarm Clock” is definitely not sold in stores. 

As if you needed more evidence that cats are the most mischievous, wily little creatures to ever paw this earth.

Every morning, Weslley Cavalcante‘s cat Boo wants to play, and it wants to play early—like 5-o’clock-in-the-morning early.

Cavalcante and his wife thought that they could avoid those impromptu pre-dawn hang sessions by locking Boo out of their bedroom, but the frisky feline wasn’t having it. Boo figured out where the doorstop spring was and learned how to wreak havoc. Now, Cavalcante and his wife wake up to Boo’s clamoring with the doorstop every morning.

On Sunday, Cavalcante posted a video onto YouTube entitled “Cat Alarm Clock” that showcased what he and his wife have to endure each morning. In it, Boo looks more the part of a four-legged MacGuyver than an average reclusive fur ball. In just two days, the video has already been seen over 86,000 times.

“When he flicks the door stop it scares the crap out of us,” Cavalcante wrote. “[W]e wake up right away.”

Damn, cats. Why you gotta be so smart?

Photo from Weslley Cavalcante/YouTube

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