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He’s done it again.

Bill Murray is already a master actor and master crasher of big life events, but his latest appearance involves him partaking in America’s favorite pastime.

As a co-owner of the St. Paul Saints (along with several other minor league baseball teams), he was front and center as people entered Midway Stadium for the team’s final game Thursday; the Saints are moving to a new stadium next season. Instead of taking that figuratively, he was almost the first person fans saw upon reaching the stadium as he collected tickets for people watching the game.

And when it came to the first pitch of the game, there was something of a role reversal. Instead of throwing the first pitch, he caught it and threw it into the stands.

It’s nowhere near the first time that Murray has done something that sounds like it came straight out of an Internet tale; it’s not even the first time he’s done something at one of his stadiums. Long are the days when those hard-to-believe Bill Murray stories were only just stories. There are the pictures and video to prove it, and if it makes the day of a few people, then all the better.

H/T Vulture | Photo via Katie Schutrop/Twitter

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