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Snag a sneak peek at Bill Burr’s new Netflix special

There’s a reason Burr is one of the greats.


Joey Keeton


Bill Burr’s new Netflix standup special, Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, won’t be streaming until Friday, but the trailer indicates that the title might be more than a little facetious.

Bill Burr specials have a tendency to tread familiar water early on, with him doing his own takes on controversial topics that are pretty standard fare. Here, he’s tackling overpopulation, helicopters being great escape vehicles, and Scientology. Sure, they’re decent topics, but it’d be tough to beat what Doug Stanhope, Louis C.K., and, well, Doug Stanhope (again) have already done with them.

But that last clip really shows why Burr’s one of the greats. He might start off soft, but he’ll eventually cross a line that’ll blow your mind, and defending Donald Sterling’s behavior is the kind of stuff that earns that silly disclaimer at the trailer’s start. He’s gotten better with every special, and that bit, opening with “I think he did well for an 80-year-old white guy,” could potentially be the funniest hole he’s dug for himself yet—and he’s dug some deep ones.

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