Some saint translated ‘The Big Lebowski’ into emoji

The world needs more heroes like Matt Haughey.

This Big Lebowski fan spent his Sunday night rewatching the film and translating it into emoji. The dude even abides by the scene breaks, with a new scene on each line.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie in a while, it’s pretty easy to follow along—though I’ll confess I need a refresher on the eggplant-sweat-moneybag scene. If you want the even easier-to-read annotated version, Haughey posted the text on Github, too.

Here’s the full five-tweet series in all its glory.

Am I the only one around here who thinks we need a White Russian emoji?

Screengrab via The Big Lebowski | Remix by Fernando Alfonso III

Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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