While you were sleeping, Beyoncé dropped a brand-new album on iTunes

So crazy right now. While you were sleeping, Beyoncé crept down your chimney and gave your the best gift of the season you never saw coming—a 14-track, self-titled “visual” album, released exclusively on iTunes.

Guest stars include Frank Ocean, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Drake, Jay Z, and Knowles’s own daughter, Blue Ivy.

Here’s her promo on Instagram:

The 32-year-old singer also released 30-second previews for every video on her YouTube channel

Everyone, even conservative blog curmudgeon Matt Drudge, is listening to it, blabbing about their favorite tracks—“Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)” is a big one—on Twitter

And this happened: 

Weirdly, someone named Boots is all over the album credits. Who is this mysterious collaborator? BuzzFeed’s Myles Tanzer got to the bottom of it.

We’ll update this with a lot more because we have to actually finish listening to it.

GIF via fuckyesbeyonce/Tumblr

It’s a good day for quiet releases. Lorde has a new track called “No Better,” and it looks like Britney Spears is gearing up for something too:

If you haven’t heard it or if you’re just a hater, stay off social media today because it’s going to be all Beyoncé, all the time. Oh, and if you want the tl;dr version, this is the only comment you need to read.

Update: Beyoncé is now No. 1 on iTunes—without any promotion. It seems the element of surprise, not to mention the fear of missing out on Beyoncé (a.k.a. F.O.M.O.O.B.), got a lot of people to shell out $15.

Photo via Jason H. Smith/Flickr

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